Bespoke Studio Fun Fashion photo shoot at Bespoke Studio -This was a concept shoot for Hunter Creative with title theme for shoot – “Candy Crush”.

Thanks to Kristie Owen make up artist and the very talented Gabby Carbon modeling the pink fluffy skirt and hundreds and thousands.

With Inspiration from such photographers as David LaChappellle….

I love the vibrant colors of the first set of very pink images. And Gabby takes the fashion themed images from a playful look to  bright attitude and back to a more seductive dark look at the end of the first series.

Like many photographers we tend to collect a few props. And in the second set of images, where Gabby has gained some hundreds and thousands across her breast and lips, I repurposed a shipping crate left at the studio to create a black box for Gabby to play within to create unique sets of poses. And to add to the drama the Gabby was lit with a Broncolor fesnal with a focus spot, to give it a theatrical feel.(

The studio is such a great place to work. A blank canvas to create any concept, anytime of day. Check out the space at


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