Bespoke Weddings – Every wedding is a unique emotional journey ….. Photography on the day is a partnership between  all the people involved to capture the amazing journey of couple starting their life together.

Bespoke Weddings – Stamford Plaza Brisbane

A picture is worth a thousand words

Wedding Photography has gone through many changes over the last 20 years…. but as technology has changed the approach and need to develop a relationship with the people you are photographing is still the same as it was 20 years ago….Wedding photographers are “people persons”….. We have the ability to start a conversation to evoke an emotive response to capture a true emotion rather than the taught expression that people often show when a camera is present.


Prashant and the boys ready to go..

Wedding Photography
Spontaneous imagery is the essence of contemporary wedding photography
Wedding Photography
Mark Duffus – Master photographer with 30 years experience

For the last 31 years Mark has gained experience in every aspect of the photographic industry… From black and white darkroom to full commercial darkroom had m techniques… From portraits and wedding though to corporate, fashion, architecture and advertising photography….

While studding Mark worked as an assistant on weddings and also has second job in a lab. This was an era where a big coverage of a wedding consisted of 120-150 shots and a portrait session was normally taken on 1 – 2 rolls of 120 film… 12-30 shots…

And it was this progression though all aspects of the industry that, along with a strong business guidance from his father  gave Mark vision to be aware of the need to marry the love of photography with awareness of what is required to make it a long lasting career.
It is this challenge that has been a driving force in Mark’s career to adapt to source work/clients to give him a business that has enabled him to what he loves the way he wants for the last 27 years.


The Bespoke Photography Menu….

Photography of the wedding Including proofs            $2200

This includes photography from the bride getting ready to the reception.

Proofs are approx 10 x 15cm with logo and border.


  • DVD/USB of high resolution files from the wedding         $800
  • 30 Page 21cm x 29cm leather Album                                  $1700
  • 60 Page 21cm x 29cm leather Album                                  $2800
  • 20 Page 25cm x 35cm leather Album                                  $1700
  • 30 Page 25cm x 35cm leather Album                                  $2400
  • 40 Page 25cm x 35cm leather Album                                  $3200
  • Photo Booth                                                                        $650

These costs are based on wedding photography within 100km of Brisbane.

Additional charges may apply for weddings outside this area.

Destination Weddings – eg: Fiji, New Zealand, Bali and beyond..

For our destination photography coverage we have a packages including

full days photography , proofs, 40 page leather album and disk of images for $6500

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