21 years woking with the Port Brisbane – A great relationship!. One of the basis for all my work is to establish a long term relationship with a client. The Port of Brisbane is one of those clients that I been working with through all of its transformation and change over the last 21 years. Initially it was the Port Brisbane Corporation and part of the QLD Govt. , but now it is privately owned as The Port Brisbane Pty Ltd. It is an amazing site that encompasses so much diverse industry and environment, including an amazing array of bird life from migrating birds to birds of prey. An osprey was always an annual challenge to photograph.

And the Port still has so much more expansion planned in the next 10 years, pushing out into the reclaimed land at the end of the Port Precinct. At Present there is an expansion of the roads leafing into the Port to help with increase traffic going on and off the island. This also includes a new bridge crossing Port Drive, taking it from 2 to 4 lanes.

The Port also includes much land areas not within the Port Brisbane Island, such as the site opposite at Luggage point , which is the site of the new Cruise Terminal. I was there for the start of the filling of the site with dredge material from Moreton Bay.


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